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For Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents, Here’s How the Advanced Structural Assessment Can Help You and Your Clients

One of the biggest challenges during the home inspection contingency is when a structural concern is identified during the home inspection and buyers are left worrying about the soundness of the house. Typically, you as the real estate agent are left scrambling to find a structural engineer, often with only a day or two left in the contingency period. ASA Engineering Group, LLC is partnering with some of the best home inspection companies across the DC region to allow them to collect the necessary data so we can provide a structural opinion as soon as the next day after the home inspection. If you think this service may be of value to your client, contact us to learn more. To book an Advanced Structural Assessment, contact any of our ASA certified home inspectors to add the Advanced Structural Assessment as part of your routine home inspection. If your preferred home inspector is not ASA certified, suggest they contact us!

Plumb bob measurement of foundation wall
Structural inspection of bowing foundation wall with horizontal cracks.

When should a real estate professional recommend an Advanced Structural Assessment?

  1. When you notice something unusual in a prospective property such as sloping floors, excessive interior cracking, basement moistures, etc.
  2. When a seller discloses a previous structural issue.
  3. When the house is more than 50 years old.
  4. When there is a crawl space.
  5. When a property is distressed, neglected or has been vacant for a long period.
  6. When a property was flipped or renovated for sale.
  7. It’s not a bad decision to always recommend this service. This high-level inspection is the best way to protect your client from house structural problems. Be aware, even condos sometimes have structural issues!