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ASA Engineering Group, LLC

Partnering with top home inspectors to provide structural engineering evaluations of homes.

ASA Engineering Group, LLC is a regional leader in structural assessments of residential properties. Working with the best home inspectors, we provide engineering reports on the condition of the house structure. These reports are essential to fully understanding the structural stability of your home. We currently work with inspectors in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC and will be expanding to West Virginia in 2024.

HOME BUYERS: Enlisting the services of an ASA certified home inspector is your path to structural understanding.

REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Guide your clients through the home-buying process by sharing with them the benefits of Advanced Structural Assessments.

HOME INSPECTORS: Become ASA certified and offer your clients Advanced Structural Assessments as part of your home inspection service list.

What is the Advanced Structural Assessment?

The Advanced Structural Assessment is a structural engineering evaluation of a residential property. Structural observations and structural data that is collected by an ASA certified home inspector during a routine home inspection is reviewed by a licensed professional engineer. The findings from this inspection are included in a structural engineering report which discusses the structural condition of the home, and provides recommendations for repair, if needed. The Advanced Structural Assessment far exceeds the level of structural understanding that is found during a routine home inspection.

What is an ASA Certification?

An ASA Certification is a structural certification that allows a licensed and experienced home inspector to collect structural data to be analyzed by ASA Engineering Group, LLC. Using the data collected by an ASA certified inspector, the ASA Engineering Group, LLC is able to provide a structural engineering report on the property.