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ASA Certification

ASA certification seal, only for ASA certified home inspectors

What is an ASA Certification?

An ASA Certification is a structural certification that allows a licensed and experienced home inspector to collect structural data to be reviewed and analyzed by ASA Engineering Group, LLC. It works like this: the ASA certified home inspector conducts a full home inspection, which includes an inspection of the house structure. Then the inspector will collect house measurements to supplement their structural findings. ASA Engineering Group will review the structural data in its entirety and produce a structural engineering report on the property. The ASA report speaks to the severity of any structural issue and offers recommendations for repairs, if necessary.

If you’re a home inspector and would like to add the Advanced Structural Assessment to your service list, click here.

How Does a Home Inspector Become ASA Certified?


Be a licensed home inspector in good standing in any US state.


Provide documentation of home inspection experience (typically 3 years/1000 home inspections)

Structural Training

Complete in-person structural training with an engineer from ASA Engineering Group, LLC