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For Home Inspectors

Why Become an ASA Certified Home Inspector?

By becoming ASA certified, a home inspector can add the Advanced Structural Assessment to their service list. With the ASA certification, a home inspector is authorized to collect special structural data that ASA Engineering Group can use to generate a structural engineering report. The process of the home inspector collecting the field data, and ASA Engineering Group making a structural evaluation, is known as the Advanced Structural Assessment. As a home inspector, when you conduct and Advanced Structural Assessment, you’re doing exactly what you routinely do during a home inspection but adding some additional measurements.

What are the Benefits of Adding the Advanced Structural Assessment to Your Service List?

1. Expand Your Portfolio of Services

As you know, there is a lot more to know about a house than is covered during a routine home inspection. As buyers become more interested in learning all they can about their investment, they are looking to home inspectors for additional services. By adding the Advanced Structural Assessment to your portfolio, you will be ahead of this trend.

2. Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

Top home inspection companies are offering more and more services to their clients. But how many companies offer high-level structural inspections as an add-on to the home inspection? Add a significant technical certification to your credentials. Get ASA certified so you can offer something your competitors do not.

3. Add Value for Your Client

The structure is one of the biggest worries for any home buyer. Give them an option to add the Advanced Structural Assessment to their home inspection package so they can make the home-buying decision with the best possible information about the house structure. Or, this can be added as the need arises.