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Our Story

Our story began in 2012, when we entered the residential home inspection market by offering routine home inspections by structural engineers. The industry standard for inspecting the structure during a routine home inspection is very limited; it requires only a visual inspection. We knew that the key to understanding the house structure requires specific house measurements, so here’s what we did: we sent structural engineers into houses collecting detailed measurements when others were just looking around. Operating as Kemp Home Inspections, LLC, our home inspections included a more advanced review of the house structure. Real estate agents took notice of our approach and our home inspection business prospered. Soon, however, we found we were unable to meet the demand of having a structural engineer at each house. We had to adapt. We developed a process whereby our own experienced home inspectors were able to collect this important structural data, which was then reviewed by one of our structural engineers.

Over years, we have refined the process of having knowledgeable and experienced home inspectors collect the data necessary for an advanced-level structural inspection, and now in 2023, we have launched ASA Engineering Group, LLC, committed to expanding that idea by certifying third party home inspectors as structural technicians so we can offer high quality structural inspections to every home buyer.

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