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Advanced Structural Assessment

example of structural engineering report
Sample Advanced Structural Assessment engineering report

What is the Advanced Structural Assessment?

The Advanced Structural Assessment (ASA) is a high-level structural evaluation of a residential property typically done as an add-on to a routine home inspection. In addition to a visual assessment of the house structure, the home inspector will also collect a variety of measurements and structural data that is reviewed by an ASA Engineering Group structural engineer.

The findings from the Advanced Structural Assessment are provided in a structural engineering report (sample to the left) that is signed and sealed by an engineer at ASA Engineering Group and discusses the structural condition of the property. This report speaks to the severity of the structural issues and offers recommendations for repairs. This report can be used by buyers in negotiations with sellers when discussing the corrections needed to the property. Sellers who get this inspection can share the report with potential buyers, both when the house is determined to be sound, and in cases where there is a condition which benefits from an engineering explanation. When no defects are identified, the report is a useful document to keep as proof of a sound house structure.

The Advanced Structural Assessment should be standard for every house purchase. By combining the skill of an ASA certified home inspector and a technical review by a structural engineer you have the best chance to identify residential structural issues.